"In The Ruin"
(Production Notes)

Author's commentes
It is the 2nd art work of "Unicorn".(the 1st Art work of "Unicorn")
I tried to explain like a hand-painting image.
If you feel easy or comfortable when you meet the image "In the Ruin", I feel to be glad.
If you feel something another, please, let me know.
Available to see--->here (still image:34KB)
You can also take the image as the wallpaper below.
(Note: no responsebility in any trouble to use these)
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The Unicorn based on the horse figure of Poser4

All Retouching with Photoshop.

Making the horse white with reduceing chroma.


Making gradation of the body to put on the upper layer.


Completed "Unicorn"

Making of Unicorn
I used a Poser Horse model with the corn and mone from copyright free. Then I used the rendered picture as a rough sketch.(Pic.1-4)
Painting and finishing the Unicorn to produced with Photoshop.(Pic.1-5)

Exactly horse not the Unicorn


Yes! looks like the Fantasy animal

How to make the eyes of the "Unicorn", below.


Making a blue round circle.


Adding nois with Nois filter.


Then, pupil and reflected light were added.

Maiking of Unicorn's eye>
The eyes of the unicorn painted with Photoshop.
(Pic2-4, Pic2-5)


The chroma, brightness, and the contrast, etc. are adjusted.


To put out the expression clearly, the eyelash and the eye shadow are added.


The Background for test rendering.


Bryce4 is the best tool for such a background making.


The water plant is made with Bryce4, and processed with Photoshop.

<Maiking of Ruin>
Before I decided the image of Ruin, I produced some tryal work.(Pic.3-1)
Then I produced the ruin with Bryce4. I also produced the backgraund behind the ruin.iPic.3-4j
Finishing "the Ruin" to produced with Photoshop.
iPic.3-2, 3-3j


This picture has explained the wire frame image with the rendering image.


Completed work

About the finish of the work
This time, all processes from the plan to the production completion were produced on around the 45th. About 70 percent at the production period is the Unicorn, and 30 percent of the remainder is a distribution of composite of all the material processings such as the ruin production of the background and water plants, materials. This unicorn differs from the one produced last time, makes the rough sketch by 3D image, and is redrawing it with Photoshop.

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