"The Mining Planet"


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1.Author's comments

The production took almost one year.
I tried to make real scenes for launching a rocket.
Almost all scenes produced with CGI
There were many interesting trials.
I made some computer graphics models, an air cargo ship, a launch pad,
refining machine. I enjoyed it.
During the production, I cared very much about virtual camera operations.

Postscript (Sept., 11, 2015) : effect sound lost during format. Currently, in the cause investigation.

2. Production notes.

  • Almost background images produced with Bryce.
  • Photo image used only background of the launching scene.
    (see the still image of Part3)
  • Almost background images were edited with Photoshop.
    Wide background imeges were stitched from several
    background imeges.
  • The background image of Part4-1 was created with
    animation of Bryce.
  • 3-D CG(computer graphics) modeling, rendering and
    animation are produced with Infini-D.
    The classic roket ship, shovel wolkers(shovel machine),
    space satations were added fine texture, transformation,
    exstra parts and others from copyrights-free modelers.
    The cargo ship(Part1), launching site(Part2,3) were made
    by the author.
  • Sound design with SoundEdit16, all sound resource
    from copyrights-free sound files.
  • All movie files are edited with Premire and
    Final Effects AP(plug-in).
  • Production year: 2000

3.About Viewing the movie

You need QuickTime and QuickTime plug-in when
viewing the movie below. (recomend version.4.0 or more.)

4. About trademarks and resgistered trademarks.

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    The Get QuickTime Badge is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc., used with permission.
  • Photoshop and Premire are trademarks of
    Adobe Systems Incorporated.
  • Bryce is a trademark of DAZ3D.
  • SoundEdit16 is a trademark of Macromedia, Inc..
  • Infini-D is a trademark of Eovia corp..
  • All other trademarks, registerd trademarks, service
    names product and or brand names refferd to in this
    web page are the sole property of their respective


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