"Flying LOGO in Desert"
Production notes

(c)1996 by Masami Tsurumaki. All rights reserved.
1.Author's comment

As you know, it is flying of letters.
All scenes produced with Computer Graphic Images.(CGI)
It is my first work as training for modeling, animating, editing
sound effects, directing and etc.,...


2. Production notes

  • 3-D CG(computer graphics) modeling, rendering and
    animation are produced with Infini-D.
  • The background image is produced with Bryce and
    edited with Photoshop.
  • Sound design with SoundEdit16, all sound resource
    from copyright-free sound files.
  • All movie files are edited with Premire and
    "Final Effects AP"(plug-in).
  • Production year: 1996


3.About Viewing the movie

You need QuickTime and QuickTime plug-in when
viewing the movie below. (recomend version.4.0 or more.)


4. About trademarks and resgistered trademarks.

  • QuickTime and the QuickTime Logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Get QuickTime Badge is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc., used with permission.
  • Photoshop and Premire are trademarks of
    Adobe Systems Incorporated.
  • Bryce is a trademark of DAZ3D.
  • SoundEdit16 is a trademark of Macromedia, Inc..
  • Infini-D is a trademark of Eovia corp..
  • All other trademarks, registerd trademarks, service
    names product and or brand names refferd to in this
    web page are the sole property of their respective


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