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Author's comments
You beleave this movie is real?
This movie is not real. It is the special effects that aimed at a former UFO special program on TV. I used AfterEffects for composition of the video background and a UFO(flyingsoucer) generated by computer graphics.
It was difficult to match movement with the video backgaound and UFO without cutting for edition.

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Scene A

The intoroduction is like documentary style.

I thought about contents of "The war of the world" of H. G. Wells at first. But, it was difficult to make the movie in a short term. So I made it like some documentary style.
Left picture is an intoroduction to the documentary style. Left picture was made with Premire.

Scene B

Countdown movie with Premire's function.

The countdown movie was made with Premire.
This movie gave an storong impression as if this image was produced with film.

Scene C

(1) Premire can generates movie including alfa channel.

(2jComposition in AfterEffects

(3jPremire make

(1 ) I took the background imege with a video camera (Hi8).
A UFO 3D-imege was free DXF data from Web.
I generated a flying scene of "UFO" with Bryce4.
Actually, Bryce4 only can make QuickTime movie without alfa channel mask. But it can make the black and white image for making mask. Premire is possible to generate QuickTime with alfa channel added from black and white image.

Anyway, I wanted to make old fashioned metallic "Flyingsoucer (UFO)" by all means.
Therefore it was necessary to add atomosphere images of real backgaound to the surface of "UFO".
And next,I arranged the material imitated real backgaound in making animation of "UFO"

(2) I composed UFO (with alfa mask) and the real video background with AfterEffects.
Also I arranged the size of "UFO" and motion-blur in imitated in real shooting. See picture (1)and(2).

(3) Finally, I arrenged color and added a scratch and the dust which seem to have stuck to a film by Premire again.

Start the movie here "file no.fq-0401" i1.7MB)

Blow up the Picture (3) Picture(3)i25KB)

Scene D

(1jSight of behind the handrail

(QjComposition with AfterEffcts

(3) Maiking mask with Photoshop
(A red part is masking on alfa channel)

(1) and (3) Because took "UFO" as imagination from the top of the pedestrian bridge and "UFO" went through under the pedestrian bridge.
It was necessary for "UFO" to be seen behind the handrail of it. In this case as a result of having made trial and error in various ways, I began to generate only this part of the video image with a filmstrip format in Premire. a I read also it in Photoshop and make a mask in a freehand drawing in the alpha channel.
I composed it and "UFO" in AfterEffects again.

(2) A composition result in AfterEffects.
Because I intended to keep a date recorded to a video alive at first, I made the mask dated the day.
However, I finally became needless in the direction and put a telop of "NO SOUND" to cover it.
The roto-scoping was good method like in this case because the number of frames in this scene was only 54.

(3) In the filmstrip, I made a mask in an alpha channel with Photoshop.

This scene is just an instant, but "UFO" appeared for a moment through the handrail.
It is only this, but can show fine reality. It is very effective.

Start the movie here "file no.fq-0401" i1.7MB)

Scene E

(1) Finish work of composition with Premire


(2) Coposition with AfterEffects


(3) Masking work with AfterEffects

(1) to (3) "UFO" is going to cross the other side of an electric wire and the telephone pole, and this scene made a mask in AfterEffects.
Because the video camera I had by my hands, movement is irregularity.
So I moved the mask and adjust size with AfterEffects.
In addition, put blur in a mask.
The thin parts such as electric wires omit a mask.
If a mask in the scene of before and after, as for the small part, we don't know what is omitted.
I don't think there is many problems.
Because I thought about the image that I took in 8 mm film area this time, I add conversion to the shading off and sepia-like, scratches and the dust of the film like with Premire.

Start the movie here "file no.fq-0401" i1.7MB)

Blow up the Picture (1) Picture(1)i25KB)

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