"Agent Jane"

Author's commentes
I have small ideas to make an action scene like 007's movies.
I tried to make some test art works. Then I decided to make the poster of the spy movie style.
It was very fun to make it.
This art work produced with Poser4, Bryce4, Photoshop(Ver.6.0).
If you have any comments, please send me e-mail.
Available to see the art work "Agent Jane"---> here(still image:136KB)


One of some test scenes.


Composition in the spy movie style.

At first, I thought making one scene of the spy movie, for example, 007 and the like in the 1960's.(Pic.A)
But, I thought that bringing it together in the spy movie whole image was more interesting than one scene.
I explain how to make the art work, under below Pic.C.



女エージェントは、"Stephnie P4"を使用


The image in the state of doing rendering with Poser4


The image that correction was added to "Pic.1-2"

1)The figure was based on "Stephnie P4" with DAZ.
About Clothes, I used the cat suit of Poser4.
The hair used Mr. Kozaburo's "Chignon".(Pic.1)
The parts of the art work that rendered with Poser4 don't use as it is, and correct all strange parts of shape and the color etc. with Photoshop.
Especially, I redrew the reflection and the color of figure's eyes and the lip and eyebrows.(Pic.1-2 & 1-4)
Additionally, the outline of the face and the hand made the profile line with the pen tool of Photoshop, drew the profile line with the brush tool, and emphasized existence.
(Pic1-2 & 1-3)


The correction that the layer of each part was separately adjusted easily.


The villain uses the character figure of Poser4.


Villain's skin put out strange feeling adding the texture of the stone.


Wrinkle was drawn in the face, the hand, and clothes and detailed feeling of
quality was expressed.

2)The figure of Poser4 is used, and the villain's part seeming is a villain and
straightened what as for shape and the expression of the face.
The tuxedo uses the one of the free copyright by the Internet. (Pic.2-1)
To put out the feeling of the uneven skin who seemed to be the villain, the face and the hand were staked out with the texture of the stone with Photoshop(Pic.2-2)
In addition, I drew in detail and added the reflection of wrinkle, the eyebrow, and
the pupil etc. with the pencil and the brush tool of Photoshop. (Pic2-3 & 2-4)


The correction that the layer of each part was separately adjusted easily.


The fighting spirits scene is arranged by the silhouette.


Kicked man figure.


The pose of the silhouette to which hands and feet do not come in succession is

3)Fighting spirits scene and woman's silhouettes processed with Photoshop and arranged the one
that rendering was done with Poser4.


Isn't necessary that is the undergarment appearance?


The helicopter uses it for Bryce4 reading.


Only main bodies except the rotor are rendering. The mask is separately made by the mask rendering.

4)The helicopter used the data of a free copyright, and the rotor and the shadow of the
rotation were made with Photoshop.


The rotor is made with Photoshop.



The one that rendering was done with Bryce4 is used.

5)The secret base in the isolated island is making of the island and the building
with Bryce4.


A standard object and the material of Bryce4 are used.


The image in the state of doing rendering with Poser4


The image that correction was added to "Pic.6-1"

6)The figure also was based on "Stephnie P4" with DAZ.
Here remade some eyes and noses emphasizing sexy. Additionally, a red taste and the make-up of the face are given with Photoshop.
The hair increased the amount of the hair with Photoshop by using Mr. Kozaburo's "KyokoHair MK3 Universal" and put the change.
The Chinese dress used the one of a free copyright.
A correction detailed as shown in Pic.6-4 was added about the main body of the figure, the hair, and the Chinese dress.
Moreover, the balance of the shape of the arm and the body corrected all faults.


The expression and the pose referred to the fashion magazine etc.


It corrected it dividing the layer.


<About the finish of the work>
I am interested in a make-up of woman's face while producing.
Especially, the depth appears to the expression when the color of the pupil is emphasized with Photoshop, the profile line is drawn, and the shine is added.
It referred to the following book in this work production.

"Secret of Poser Experts:Tips,Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abillities-The e frontier Official Guide"
(* I refered Japanese language edition.)
Author:Daryl Wise, Jesse DeRooy
Japanese language edition published by Born Digital, Inc..

(c)2009 by Masami Tsurumaki. All rights reserved.

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