"River Side 2025"

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I wanted to make like a painting. The base of the image from one photo.(Pic.A)
It took six months from the conception to finish this art work.
If you feel good, please give me your comments.
Available to see---> here(still image:261KB)
You can also take the image as the wallpaper below.
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Pic. A
I think the bridge is good shape.


I imagined something future city bihind the bridge.

I had an idea when the bridge over the river.
Almost elements to composite without Pic.A are from computer graphics from Bryce4, Poser4. Also needed to another photos.
I explain how to make the art work, under below Pic.C.



Poser is good for me to make charactors or scenes as elements of an art work .

1) A woman charactor is from Poser4. But, hair is "Koz' Pony Tail Hair" from Kozaburo' hair.
This hair is for Victori3(figuer) from DAZ.Then I arrenged size of the hair for the Poser4's figure.
I tried to use several figuers because it was difficult to close my imaged woman. Anyway, I desided pose4(human ,woman), but I used free texture from web.
Also some elements were from real photos.
I added the other side bank from the same photo.(Pic.C)
I used copy and paste, also used filters of Photoshop to dirtied and aged.
All bushes are from the same photo and the others like bushes beside the other river.


I think texture from DAZ is very good.

2)White horse(WH) is also from Poser4. But, only th texture is from DAZ.
I made several images of horse and also poses.Then I decided one.
I used Photoshop to compose WH to the photo.
Reflection image of WH on the river made by filters of Photeshop.
I arrenged color, shading off and others by Photoshop.


Bryce very useful like this material.

3) Old and eroded reinfoced concreat has sometimes many cracks and appearing rusty iron bars.
Pic.3 explained how to make old concreat of a bridge pier.
I made rust iron bars by Bryce4. I also added cracks, aged and dirty surface by filters of Photoshop. Addtionally, I arranged real photos' layer of old concreat by Photoshop.


Bryce is a very effective tool to render like a rotted machine.

4)A rotted machine and tank, a train made from free 3ds modles.
"Thank you very match for 3D Modelmakers!!"

Ofcourse , I put rotted them image with Bryce4 and Photoshop.
Especially, I cared about under water of the tank. Because It was able to see through the water. I arrenged color and distortion.


Maiking buildings by Bryce4.It is good to compose for putting the backgaound similar to the original photo.

5)Buildings for background contained several elements. One of them is Pic5.
I made buildings in this side a little to add comlex materials.(Pic.5) I genereted them by Bryce4. I also made masking pictures with masking mode of Bryce4. (Pic.5-1)
But, some buildings have seeing the background bihind them. So, I made masking pictures again before a blue background. (Pic.5-2)
I also made all the distant buildings.
Composition of them to the original photo by Photoshop, too.(Pic5-3)


This masking picture dosen't have seethrough


This way generates very clear masking pictures.


These buildins generated with Bryce4.


I drew several birds by Photoshop and copied to incres the number.

5a)I composed the distant buildings to the original pohoto, then used filter of Photoshop for adding surface like real buildings.
Birds were drawn by brush tool by Photoshop. They are very simple and effective way to add detail. (Pic5a)

I used gradation masking for the river surface.

6)I changed the material of the riverbed from blak sand to
white with water plant.
I also changed the riverbank from black sand to grassy place.
The garassy place is from another real photo which I took from almost the same angle.
The stutus was free 3D-model from web.The Fishes were drawn by brush tool by Photoshop.


I added dropping shadow for fishes.
It a simple and effective way for the expression of riverbed

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